Frequently asked questions

Why  2hr

2 hour lesson save you money and will speed up your progress.

2 hour lessons are also far more productive because of the continuous unbroken time behind the wheel.

Why 3hrs for a test

Before your test you will require some driving to practise, settle yourself, settle your nerves and getting ready for your test.

Preparation is key to success.

We will also need to travel to and from the Test Station

How many lessons will I need before I test

To pass your test you will require on average 45 hrs of lessons, according to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

How many lessons you will need will depend on how quickly you learn.

Do I need to pass my theory before I can have lessons

Once you have your provisional licence you can drive on all roads except for motorways. You must be supervised when you're learning to drive a car. This can be by a driving instructor or someone else who meets the rules.

Should I practise in my parents  car

Having lessons with an instructor and then practising with a parent is usually the best way to build confidence and driving experience.

However, You must become a named driver on the cars insurance and you need to be with a qualified driver aged 21 or over who's held a full licence for at least three years

Do Driving Instructors have background checks

To become a Driving Instructor you are required to have an enhanced background check and ID verification. 

Those already on the DSA's ADI register will also be checked every two years.

The DSA carries out licence checks with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.